Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Guest Submission! – Buddy Snacks, Stunt Sandwichest (ret.)

Wow, what a year it’s been so far… 2011…. Probably one of the best. Well, For my first official sandwich article of the new year (or any year) I’d like to discuss some of the articles I had thought about writing last year but didn’t….

I bring you…
Buddy Snacks’ Forgotten Sandwich Articles of 2010:

1. The Top Ten Sandwichists and Anti-Sandwichists in the History of Mankind… An article exposing the ongoing triumph of the Sandwich through the eyes of history’s most endearing Sandwich supporters, as well as perspectives of some of the Sandwich’s most villainous opponents.

2. Sandwich Techniques of the Avant Gardes-man: The Tetrehedral Sandwich… An article exploring the concept of multisided sandwich variants including the proposal of a 4, 6, and even 12 dimensional Sandwich.

3. Complaints Department: Don’t Undercut that Sandwich!!…Why is it that when you go to a deli and order a Sandwich, the dude behind the counter can’t cut it in half all the way? This article explores the phenomena of “Undercutting” from a socio-economic perspective, how to “finish the job”, and when to just hang your head in shame.

4. Sandwich Transplants… Exploring new medical breakthroughs in the use of Sandwiches for heart, liver, eye and lung transplants. Become a Sandwich donor today and save a life!!

5. The Honus Wagner: Honoring Baseball’s Top Sandwichist… Finally!! A Sandwich named for the number one Sandwichist in the history of baseball. The recipe, as well as a look back into Wagner’s ongoing devotion to promoting Sandwiches and baseball throughout the world.

I hope you enjoyed my ideas for articles in 2010… You can look forward to future articles concerning forgotten articles next year in 2012.

Yours very truly,
Buddy Snacks – Stunt Sandwichist (ret.)